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Schoology Support


Please use our request forms if you need any help with schoology

** Schoology Parent Account Request: Al-Hoda Intl. طلب حساب ولى أمر على سكولوجى

** Schoology Support Request: Al-Hoda Intl. طلب مساعدة



What do I do if I forgot my account password?

1: Open the link: http://app.schoology.com/login

2: Click on Forgot Password

3: Enter your email address

4: You will recieve an email with a link. Click on this link to reset your password


I Want to delete my free Schoology Account, so you can create a new one for me

1: Log on to your account from a PC

2: Copy and paste this web address into your browser:


3: Confirm account deletion.


Support videos

How to install Schoology on your smart phone